Foreign trade

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The CSA serves the following segments

The food industry aims to produce and market food. With the development of new technologies, the demands of the industry increase to guarantee the quality of the products, the health of the consumer and a good productive performance.

The class associations seek to meet the interests of certain professional groups with common goals whose purpose varies according to the demands of each class.

The Brazilian commercial sectors involve from the marketing itself as well as the partnerships and market relations that occur in their activities, uniting the work of different sectors to increase the participation in the international market.

One of the main growing areas in Brazil, the civil construction area works in the development of projects and housing and infrastructure works. Legal action in this sector is intended to help, for example, in contractual relations, job security and biddings.

An expanding sector in Brazil, focused on the consumption of raw materials, production of ingredients, investments in organic products and exports.

The activities that involve the implementation of franchises have as a concern the investment in a business, paying attention to the right to use the brand, distribution of products, as well as operating costs and payment of royalties.

Brazilian industries are focused on export growth and the strengthening of national and international trade agreements. In Brazil’s current scenario, opportunities for micro and small businesses also grow.

Sector under intense inspection with the purpose of obtaining medicines of quality, within the sanitary control standards.

With the expansion of the Brazilian market, there is a growing incentive for agreements between domestic industries and foreign companies, as well as the arrival of companies from other countries to Brazil.

The drug industry seeks to market its products while complying with sanitary safety and distribution standards.

Production of medical articles and products, such as hospital furniture and surgical instruments, focusing on quality and safety standards.

The sector, one of the most important in Brazil, focuses on the supply of raw materials for both the chemical and other industrial sectors. The importance of the chemical sectors is also due to the growth of biotechnology.

Health is the right of all, but its maintenance demands resources often insufficient, especially considering that every citizen wants to obtain every possible treatment, and the best quality, a situation that is worsening due to the aging of the population due to the development of new technologies which continually overcome the diseases that afflict humanity.

The provision of services encompasses industry activities that are intended to offer products or assistance to individuals or companies.

Companies regulated by supervisory bodies, such as Anvisa, must comply with several principles to guarantee the quality of its services. To this end, it is necessary to strengthen relations with other regulated companies.

Sector that acts in the manufacture and sale of garments, with important participation in the market of raw materials, inputs and machinery.

Companies specialized in T.I. develop programs and equipment for the generation and maintenance of information and data, seeking efficiency and intelligent solutions.