March 6th, 2018

Legislative Newsletter - Edition 081

Public security in discussion in women's day week

Public security bills are still on discussion in Brasilia this week meanwhile the Congress is still not working with full capacity.

Legislative Newsletter - Edition 081

Public security bills are still on discussion in Brasilia this week meanwhile the Congress is still not working with full capacity, specifically the House of Representatives that has not appointed its committees. Although the Speaker of the House, Rep. Rodrigo Maia (DEM/RJ) promised to appoint committees presidencies in the following two weeks, it can take longer, since congressmen are on discussions about switching of parties that is permitted until April 7th.

This week is also marked by the international woman’s day, when it is expected for commemorative sessions in both Houses and the delivery of Bertha Luz Award, dedicated to women who had worked in defense of women’s rights and gender issues in Brazil. The Award will be delivered during a commemorative joint session of the Congress.

Also, the Planalto is busy with the following ministerial reform. The government has already indicated last week that only those who support the government in Congress and who will give support to the government’s candidate for presidency will be able to influence on next Minister choices. It represents a red flag for Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros (PP/PR); for Minister of Education, Mendonça Filho (DEM/PE); and for Minister of Science, Technology and Communication, Gilberto Kassab (PSD/SP) whose parties shall support a different candidate from the government one.

To be voted in a plenary session of House of Representatives are the following bills:
  1. Bill # 1530/2015 about measures on smuggling prevention and repression;
  2. Bill # 7005/2013 about the possibility to collect signatures for Popular Initiative Bills using electronic means;
  3. Bill # 8456/2017 about tax increasing applied on company’s payroll.
Related to special committees, we highlight the election of the president and vice-president of the committee appointed to discuss about the new Bidding Law (Bill # 6814/2017) on this Tuesday, March 6th.

Finally, also on this Tuesday, a Joint Parliamentary Front will be composed to defend a single federal tax.

On the Senate, a thematic session will be opened on Plenary on this Tuesday to discuss about violence and public security. The discussions will also enclose debates related to public security bills, such as the one that switches the criminal code and the code of criminal procedure to extinguish procedure advantages currently given to young criminals (Senate Bill # 140/2017).

On Senate committees, it is important to pay attention to the Science, Technology, Innovation, Communication and Informatics Committee (CCT), which may decide on this Tuesday about the bill on the National Fund for Technological and Scientific Development – FNDCT (Senate Bill # 201/2015). On Wednesday, Mar 7th, the Senate’s Social Issues Committee (CAS) receives the Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros (PP/PR), who will present the activities the Ministry developed under his leadership.
Finally, until this moment, the following joint committee sessions are scheduled to discuss the following provisional measures issued by the government:
  1. MP # 806/2017 increasing taxation on investment funds;
  2. MP # 808/2017 amending the Consolidation of Brazilian Labor Laws (CLT);
  3. MP # 809/2017 creating a fund to manage environment monetary compensations;
  4. MP # 810/2017 beneficiating technology companies;
  5. MP # 811/2017 creating a public company to sell Pre-Sal Oil directly;
  6. MP # 812/2017 modifying the interest rate calculation for regional development constitutional funds;
  7. MP # 813/2017 authorizing PIS/Pasep withdraw in the age of 60;
  8. MP # 814/2017 authorizing ELETROBRÁS privatization;
  9. MP # 815/2017 freeing up 2 billion Brazilian Real exceptionally for Municipalities;
  10. MP # 816/2017 creating commissioned positions to fulfill States and Federal District supervisory boards of tax recovery programs;
  11. MP # 817/2018 implementing the inclusion of former federal territory servants as Union servants;
  12. MP # 818/2018 increasing the period for creating city mobility plans;
  13. MP # 819/2018 authorizing the Union to donate 792,000 Brazilian Real to restore the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem– Palestine.