July 18th, 2019

Law 13.848/2019

General law of the Regulatory Agencies

Regulation in Brazil - structural changes in management, organization, decision-making and social control brought by Law 13.488 of June 25, 2019

Law 13.848/2019

Main points:
  • Mandatory Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA);
  • Standards of administrative and management aspects;
  • Standards of the number of directors of Regulatory Agencies;
  • Standards of directors terms of office;
  • Imposition of technical requirements and limits, which must be fulfilled by all those appointed to the Executive Boards of all the Agencies;Functional, decision-making and financial autonomy to Regulatory Agencies

Vetoed Dispositives
  • Triple list for selection of members for Agencies;
  • Mandatory annual attendance of the directors of the Regulatory Agencies to the Federal Senate for accountability;
  • Prohibition of reappointment of current directors;
  • Determination of 12 months of quarantine, without link with companies, to the indicated for direction of the Agencies;Exclusion of the Civil House from the Federal Planning and Budget System and from the Federal Financial Administration System.

The vetoes can be maintained or overturned by the National Congress.