November 27th, 2017

Legislative Newsletter - Edition 069

Challenges ahead

The Pension Reform on the agenda. If it depends on the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, the matter tends to be ruled still this year.

Legislative Newsletter - Edition 069

The Pension Reform on the agenda. If it depends on the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, the matter tends to be ruled still this year. According to him, if the change in the rules for retirement is not made, Brazil will face an adverse situation in the future, with impacts on public debt and inflation. However, the matter should not enter the agenda of the Plenary without an agreement to vote. In this sense, the challenge of the Government is to remake the basis to get the 308 votes in two shifts.
On this topic, it is scheduled for this week the cycle of debates on the Proposed Amendment to Constitution 287/16, which deals with Social Security Reform in the participatory legislation commission.
The House of Representatives Plenary is scheduled to vote in a special session on Monday (27th) at 4 pm, the provisional measure that allows the payment of debts of rural producers (individuals, cooperatives and intermediaries) with discounts ( MP 793/2017). The matter will no longer be effective next Tuesday (28) and  still must be voted by the Senate.
According to the opinion of the MP's rapporteur, Ms. Tereza Cristina (no party – MS State), the Rural Tax Regularization Program (PRR) will cover debts related to the social contribution on the gross revenue owed by the sector as a social security contribution of rural workers .
Plenary votes are also scheduled on Wednesday from 4pm and on Thursday morning.
In the committees the highlight is for the meetings of the Special Commission of Regulatory Agencies, which is scheduled for election for president and vice president; the meeting of the special committee of health plans, which intends to discuss and vote on the opinion of the Rapporteur, Mr Rogério Marinho (PSDB-RN); the public hearing to discuss the regulatory environment and opportunities for innovation promoted by the special committee on the framework of the collaborative economy; and public hearing to discuss and clarify the proposals for changes in the legislation of health plans, in the modality of self-management. There will also be the international forum within the framework of the social security and family commission on the theme of the Performance of Local and National Health Systems.
In the Senate, the highlight is the Plenary vote of the Provisional Measure (MP) 791/2017, which creates the National Mining Agency (ANM). The MP, approved in the Chamber of Deputies last Wednesday (22nd ) and transformed into the Draft Law of Conversion (PLV) 37/2017, will expire on next Tuesday, and, if not appreciated, will lose effectiveness.
The MP is part of a package of three provisional measures that change the regulatory framework of mining. In addition to the 791, the MP 789, already approved by the Chamber and the Senate, which alters the rates and calculation basis of Financial Compensation for the Exploration of Mineral Resources (CFEM); and the 790, which is in the House and changes the rules and procedures of research and mining. The latter was reported by Senator Flexa Ribeiro (PSDB-PA), one of the biggest advocates of updating legislation in the sector.
Sessions are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday at 2pm.
Within the commissions, it is worth mentioning the vote in the Constitution and Justice Commission regarding a plebiscite on the use of weapons, whose report by Senator Sérgio Petecão (PSD-AC) is in favor of approving the proposal; and the Parliamentary Committees of Inquiry (CPI) of JBS and BNDES this week will hold a public hearing this week of Mr. Eiken Fuhrken da Silva Batista, alleged individual beneficiary of loans obtained from BNDES and investments made by BNDESPAR, directly or through companies controlled by the Group.