December 26th, 2017

Legislative Newsletter - Edition 073

Brasilia does not stop and Social Security Reform negotiations advances

The moment in Brasilia, even with the parliamentary recess, is intense.

Legislative Newsletter - Edition 073

The moment in Brasilia, even with the parliamentary recess, is intense. Due to negotiations and the Presidency vote count for the Social Security Reform in February, after the Carnival. It is worth mentioning that, in the coming days there will be an intense movement around the Budget Expenditures. The new Secretary of the Government, Carlos Marun, has received several parliamentarians, as well as President Michel Temer. Both claim that the government's victory will be solid in early 2018.

In addition to the Social Security Reform negotiations, the Government also reviews this year works and projects and targets for 2018; also traces, strategies for the next year, when general elections will take place in the country. It is important to note that a new ministerial reform is expected for the first semester, in line with the deadline for the vacancies of candidates who will run for offices in October.

On Christmas Eve, President Michel Temer's made a speech on national television, praising the best of his management to date. Temer said that 2017 was a "year of important and essential achievements" for the country; extolling economic changes; and making a positive assessment of its administration, pointing out victories, such as the approval of the labor reform, the high school reform and the rescue FGTS inactive accounts, among other proposals. The President also took the opportunity to ask parliamentarians to vote in favor of the Social Security Reform in 2018.

The thermometer of the receptivity of PSD's political propaganda is also on the radar. The Minister of Finance, Henrique Meirelles, appeared in a national television in an electoral tone, foreshadowing his candidacy for the presidency next year. It is important for Temer to analyze the acceptance of both the population and the economy of Meirelles, since he has defended several of the government proposals.

For next year, new accusations against politicians involving corruption will emerge as federal police investigations progress. It should generate instabilities in the political scenario and impact the electoral campaigns of 2018.