February 5th, 2018

Legislative Newsletter - Edition 077

Now it is official, game is on in Brasilia

Brasília begins the week with an excitement for the beginning of the legislative year, this Monday. There will be a special session with the great presence of President Michel Temer.

Legislative Newsletter - Edition 077

Brasília begins the week with an excitement for the beginning of the legislative year, this Monday. There will be a special session with the great presence of President Michel Temer. In his message, the president will insist on the points that the government consider "priority" for the year, such as the Pension Reform.

The Reform is scheduled to begin its discussion on February 19th. It is possible that it passes through some changes, due to negotiations with the Mayor of the Chamber, Deputy Rodrigo Maia (DEM / RJ). These changes involve public employees who started their career before 2003. It allows them to retire with full parity. Important to note that the Reform text remain unchanged. It was defined that the integrity and parity would be obtained if the servers at the level of a retirement minimum. With this change, it is expected to raise the number votes. The Planalto claims to have only 270 votes out of the 308 required for the approval of the Reform in the Chamber of Deputies.
In addition, it is important to observe the agenda that the Legislature itself prioritizes for its work. The works can or cannot converge with government actions. The elections are close, and all congressman want to keep their sits, so their private interests will be more important than the Governments, even more than their party goals.

This week will also follow the outcome of the appointment of Mrs. Cristiane Brasil (PTB / RJ) to the position of Minister of Labor. Her party's caucus will meet on Tuesday, 6, to discuss the possibility of appointing someone else to the position. Preferably a name represents the party, of course. Cristiane Brasil’s name has been weekly worn out on several scandals. A recent one is a recording of when she was occupying Rio de Janeiro Special Secretariat for Healthy Aging and Quality of Life, in 2014. The Planalto has not manifested itself about the controversy involving the MP, but a statement from the government to that can affect negatively to the population.

After National Congress legislative year opening on Monday, each House - House and Senate - will resume their normal activities on Tuesday. The Plenary of the Chamber includes two provisional measures: MP 800/17, which are guidelines for reprogramming investments in federal road concessions; and MP 801/17, which exempts states from a series of requirements to renegotiate their costs with the Union.

Regarding the Congress committees, they must have their work normalized only after Carnival.

In the Senate, the Plenary’s agenda is, for the time being, only five projects. We highlight the project that establishes the National Statute of Microenterprise and Small Business and amends related legislation to restrict the application of the tax substitution regime of the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) (PLC 476/2017).

In the committees, the highlight is the meeting to deliberate the appointment of Ms. Paula Farani de Azevedo Silveira. New Adviser of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense - CADE of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. It will take place in the Committee on Economic Affairs, on Tuesday, 06. It is very likely that the name will also be deliberated in the Plenary of the House, in addition to the Commission.

Another highlight in the Senate is the public hearing in the Commission on Human Rights and Participatory Legislation (CDH), which will debate "The CPI Report on Social Security." Approved at the end of the past year, without major repercussions. It is hoped that representatives of the following entities will participate in the Commission: National Association of Magistrates of Labor Justice - ANAMATRA; National Association of Tax Auditors of the Federal Revenue of Brazil - ANFIP; National Union of Attorneys of the National Treasury - SINPROFAZ; Brazilian Institute of Social Security Law - IBDP; National Association of Members of the Public Prosecution Service - CONAMP; Association of Federal Judges of Brazil - AJUFE; National Union of Employees of the Central Bank - SINAL; National Federation of State and District Taxes - FENAFISCO; National Union of Federal Revenue Auditors of Brazil - SINDIFISCO NACIONAL; Brazilian Society of Social Security - SBPC; Federal police; National Association of Tax Auditors of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service - UNAFISCO; Latin American Association of Labor Judges - ALJT; and Confederation of Public Servants of Brazil - CSPB.

Finally, the meeting of the Special Joint Committee (Congress) that analyzes the provisional measure published as MP 802/2018. The MP that crates the  National Program for Oriented Productive Microcredit has been the only scheduled so far.